Declaration Church Weekly Messages
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Welcome to the weekly podcast of Declaration Church in Spring, Texas led by Pastor John Sherrill. To learn more visit our website at

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    After The Blessing

    What do we do when we receive Breakthrough? What if it doesn't look the way we wanted it to? Sometimes we have to keep marching even after the walls of our Jericho have come down. This week as we close our 21 days of prayer and fasting we look at all God has done and what more he has in store for us. Listen in and be blessed today!

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    You Gotta Throw It Off

    On the journey to Breakthrough we often find our spiritual backpack full of things that may have seemed good or right at the time. Yet we fill it with wounds and pain that were never meant to be in there. This week Pastor John walks us through the power of throwing off our backpacks and allowing the Lord to only put in what is for us. May you find freedom and breakthrough today!

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    Preparing The Way

    This week Pastor John continues through the Gospels' account of the birth of Jesus in the book of Mark. Interestingly, there is nothing about the birth of Jesus in the book of Mark, instead starting with John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus. In the same way we can prepare our hearts in anticipation of Jesus coming, both at Christmas as a baby and as we wait for him to come again.

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