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Welcome to the weekly podcast of Declaration Church in Spring, Texas led by Pastor John Sherrill. To learn more visit our website at

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    The Cross

    The Final Hours of Jesus. Walk with us as we dig deep into the journey of Jesus and what the cross meant for us.

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    Preparing for what's to come ...

    The Final Hours of Jesus. Walk with us as we dig deep into the journey of Jesus and the events leading to the cross.

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    What Now?

    Vision is one the most important pieces in your dream. What do we do once we have our dream and are ready to run? Listen in this week as Pastor Mark walks us through the closing of our series Dream Again!

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    Living The Dream (2 Year Celebration)

    What would you next spiritual step be to walk into your dream? This week we celebrate two years! Pastor John recaps Declarations story and how far we've come.

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    Do You See Feast or Famine?

    What does our walk look like without dreaming? The Lord has so many good gifts, but if we stop dreaming it's easy to see only the famine when the feast is way closer than it looks! This week Pastor Johns lays out the vision of our church and challenges us to keep dreaming and looking forward to the plans the Lord has laid out before us.

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    We can trust the motivation of Jesus! He will always draws us to safe community. It is the place where we find freedom! Pastor John boldly gives us a challenge to dream bigger and bring our lives into community where we can truly be free!

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    Don't Settle For Lesser Land

    Sometimes you have to trust the Lord before your dream can ever become a reality. This week Pastor John talks through our 220 vision for the next step in our churches Destiney!

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    The Best Is Yet To Come

    What have you been waiting for? What is your dream for this year? Has the Lord been tugging at your heart to move into a new thing and you've been waiting? Pastor John walks us into scripture and gives us a chance to hear the Lord and step into this new year with confidence that our dreams are alive!

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    Unless You See It Before You See It, You'll Never See It

    Clear vision is important for abundant life. We have to be able to see and hear from God to know where's he's taking us. Listen in this week as Pastor John continues to walk us through living the life of a dreamer.

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