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Welcome to the weekly podcast of Declaration Church in Spring, Texas led by Pastor John Sherrill. To learn more visit our website at

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    To Know God...

    What does it mean to Know God? To Zaccheus it simply meant climbing up in a tree to get a glimpse of Jesus. But that one decision changed his life forever! In week 2 of The One, Pastor John talks about the story of Zaccheus from Luke 19:1-10 and how all it takes is someone looking for Jesus to encounter God in a way that will change the course of their life.

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    Who Is The One?

    Who exactly is the one that Jesus talks about in his parable of the shepherd that leaves his flock of 99 to find? And if we can identify who "the one" is, then what are we supposed to do about it? Pastor John talks about this and more in week 1 of our new series, The One.

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    Raised To Life

    A message by Pastor John about baptism and what it means to die to self, be buried with Christ and raised to walk a new life!

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    What A Privilege!

    In our conclusion of the Set Apart series Pastor John encourages us to serve and lead well in humility and with excellence. It's our privilege to live set apart to walk together and find freedom, make a difference for his glory and the sake of others!

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    It's Time

    This week Pastor John discusses the call to abandon compromise, die to self, and take up holiness found in 1 Peter chapter 4.

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    Worship Through Your Pain

    What do we do when everything is falling apart there is pain and grief and you find yourself wondering if God is good? Listen in the week as Jeff Rollins walks us through 1 Peter looking at how to worship through your pain.

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    Holy Suffering

    This week Pastor John walks us through 1 Peter 3, the journey of suffering. Many times holiness comes through the sanctifying process of suffering. While it may not be fun it builds our faith and gives us the opportunity to draw closer to the Lord.

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    Honor + Humility = Holiness

    As we continue to dive into 1 Peter Chapter 2 Pastor John walks us through the idea of holiness and how honor and humility bridge the gap to holiness.

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