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Welcome to the weekly podcast of Declaration Church in Spring, Texas led by Pastor John Sherrill. To learn more visit our website at

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    Searching for Christmas

    We all have a different perspective of Christmas based on our history and traditions. Each of the Gospel writers also viewed the story of Jesus birth through a different lens and wrote about it through that lens. This week we start a new series by looking at the Christmas story as told in Matthew.

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    A Call To Renewal

    We respond to how we feel, and we feel what we believe about ourselves and ultimately about God. When we receive His truth, we then can rest in our true identity. This week Jeff Rollins brings a message about how true rest comes by finding our true identity in Jesus.

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    A Call To Rest

    It is easy to get busy during the holidays, which is why it is even more important to find time to recharge by connecting with God. You cannot poor out from an empty cup, which is why God is calling you to rest in His abundance to provide you with a refreshing that will carry you through the holidays and prepare you for the new seasons that are upcoming in your life!

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    More than Yesterday, Less than Tomorrow

    "I love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow." In the final week of This is Us, Pastor John uses this simple phrase to show how your marriage can grow in intimacy with both the Lord and your spouse.

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    Don't Seek Permission, Seek Redemption

    The last several weeks have been about engaging in your marriage and placing Jesus in the center of your relationship, but what if you are actually in a dangerous situation with biblical grounds for divorce? Or what if you have already been through a divorce, what happens next? Pastor John talks about this and more in this weeks message. We also hear from the Pyle's, a couple who both went through divorce and God redeemed their story on the other side.

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    For Better or For Worse: Part 1

    Marriage starts with a vow of "For Better or For Worse," but when the worst comes, do you double down on that vow or look for the exit? It is easy to love your spouse when things are good, but it is when things get hard that our true character shows and we have the opportunity to love like Jesus, even when it's hard.

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    The Dance Part 2

    In Week 2 with Dr. Michael and Amy Smalley, they talk to us about the dance of love and respect that is necessary for a healthy marriage.

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    The Dance

    This week we had special guest speakers Dr. Michael and Amy Smalley come talk to us about communicating in our relationships. The Dance talks about how we get stuck in a cycle of escalation and avoidance that leads to deeper hurt and misunderstanding. The secret is recognizing we have entered this dance and finding an exit ramp to treat our partner with love and respect.

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