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Welcome to the weekly podcast of Declaration Church in Spring, Texas led by Pastor John Sherrill. To learn more visit our website at

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    Honor + Humility = Holiness

    As we continue to dive into 1 Peter Chapter 2 Pastor John walks us through the idea of holiness and how honor and humility bridge the gap to holiness.

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    Living stone Not a throwing stone

    This week Pastor John continues to walk through 1 Peter Chapter 2. Are we speaking life and loving our brother and sisters with Christs love?

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    Because He Is Holy...

    Our first week of Set Apart! A new series that walks us through 1 Peter and living a life fully surrender and set apart for our king. Pastor Johns opens up our series in 1 Peter Chapter 1 looking in depth of Jesus being our living Hope!

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    Speak Up

    When Jesus fills us up sometimes when just can't keep quiet. Yet there are sometimes we may not feel the best or our words are few. Nevertheless we should always be ready to speak about Jesus! Listen in as Pastor Mark brings such a powerful word on sharing the gospel and the love of christ.

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    Go In Power Part 2

    In our final week of All In week talk about the moment we are filled with power from the Holy Spirit! Go in power, be filled with the Spirit and make a difference!

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    Go In Power

    When we go all in we find ourselves ready take on anything. We have to believe God is who he says he is and that he calls us his sons and daughters! This week Pastor John challenges us to walk with power, believing that the Lord is championing us!

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    Give With Passion

    Giving is one of the greatest things we can offer back to the Lord! What does it look like to go all in with giving? Pastor John tackles the differences in our tithes and offering. Looking at giving from our first fruits! There's a huge challenge this week to give abundantly and beyond so pray and ask the Lord if you should go All In!

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    Serve With Purpose

    We see the most fruit when we serve! If you have been standing waiting for the Lord to move in your life and your wondering what step to take just go all in! Lets Serve!

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    Share The Promise

    All In isn't just a great saying it's what the Lord asks of us. When we give all we have to Lord he brings so much joy and peace into our lives. Then when the Lord moves in our lives we share it with others and see then step out and go all in!

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    Abundance is found (All In)

    What does life look like when your all in? What do you want to see different in life? When we go all in for the Lord he cherishes our sacrifices. Listen in this week as Pastor John launches our All In series!

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